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“Mama dragon has four little babies, and she is spreading a rain of gems and coins to feed them with their magic energy. The little dragons must compete to gather them, grow, and become the king of the cavern. The Dragon Rush has begun!.”

Dragon Rush is funny board game, based in memory and tile placement mechanics. Dragon Rush has been designed for 1-4 players, and a standard game has duration of 30-60 min. Players must drop the gems/coins and form rows or diagonals of the same type in order to explode them and get points.

Rulebook (English, German, French and Spanish), 1 Laminated Cavern board, 4 Baby Dragon cards, 1 1 Treasure bag, 1 Fortune token, 124 Gem/Coin double sided tokens, 12 Dragon Egg tokens, 24 Ash tokens, 24 Mystic energy tokens and 1 “King of the Cavern” token