If something defines our way of working it is the “Extreme Quality”.

Scale75 has become a leader in miniature production, producing and inspiring models and figures of any scale and any subject. Our production standards are far above any other company in the market due to the innovative design, scanning and 3D modelling systems, and our production methods.

Scale Games a division of the group specialized in the creation and production of board games. In addition to the own games, ScaleGames collaborates in the design, making and production of all components for other publishers’ games who entrust their products to us

Scale Editions, the perfect complement to shape your project. A publisher, with a group of professionals with high experience in the sector and more than 15 years publishing books, fascicles, catalogues in several languages of different themes.

A team of highly qualified artists, together with the most modern and efficient manufacturing processes, allow us to offer an unequalled commissioning service for companies and institutions that require high quality products.

The purpose of this presentation is to inform you of the wide range of possibilities that we can offer you against your requirements, we are convinced that it will be a pleasant and profitable experience for you. We are at your service at any time. 

If you think about a promotional theme but you are not sure what you are looking for, it will be our pleasure to advise you. We analyse each project individually before making a plan and only after that we’ll establish a budget according to the needs of the publisher or company that wants to carry out its project.

We are currently producing figures, vehicles, jewellery, dioramas for museums, monuments for corporations and city councils, we practically cover all branches of creation for our clients from anywhere in the world.

These models, with or without action parts are manufactured with the only requirement to set a specific Budget according your needs. You decide the complexity and we manufacture and produce the model.

The relationship between quality and quantity is for many art companies a limitation. In many cases, it is really difficult to create a long series of models and figures and continue to maintain the standard levels conceived only in the exclusive and small series, but Scale75 is ready to do that.